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After trying online dating sites, while they may work for some people, I decided it wasn’t for me. I soon got in touch with Renee Brown of Corporate Cupid, had a meeting with Renee, explained what I was looking for in a potential partner, and signed up on the spot as Renee said she and her team could and would find the right match for me. The one on one meetings and phone calls with Renee has been enlightening, proactive, and very supportive, over and beyond what I thought I had signed up for, and I am enjoying working with her and the team to help me find that someone special. I highly recommend Corporate Cupid to anyone that is looking for the type of service and support Renee and her team can offer, it is a well organised professional service.
My experience with Corporate Cupid was fun and a great success! I decided to give them a go because my work left little time for socialising, let alone finding a partner, and online dating just wasn't an option. When I met Renee, she made me feel very comfortable and did a great job finding out what I wanted in a partner and what I could offer, as well as my past dating history, work and social interests. This aspect of the process was crucial to making sure that I was matched with suitable people. I was only an active member for one month before I was matched with my partner. I have never before dated someone who I have felt so comfortable with from the start, and who shares the same sense of humour, values, interests and passion for their work. I feel very blessed to have met him and am excited for what the future holds. I would highly recommend Corporate Cupid if you are serious about finding someone you truly connect with. It's a bit daunting, but definitely worth it. Renee's passion for her work is obvious; she was always available to chat and offer support, and even now, makes time to check in on us to see how our relationship is progressing. It's obvious that she loves what she does and really cares about her clients.
Loved Up
South Perth
I started dealing with Renee and her team in 2016 and during that time, my experience with them has been first class. My matches were very good and close to what I was looking for and then bingo! On the 5th match, I met someone who really suited me and the relationship has been going well for the last 6 months or so. Renee took the time to understand what I was looking for and was kept in the ‘loop’ at all times.

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