There Is A NEW Way To Meet Your Match! Clue: It’s NOT online dating

Disillusioned with online dating sites resulting in stressful dating?

Are you searching for a polite well mannered and respectful companion but simply have not found them on online dating? In the world of online dating where your first point of contact is made through a screen it is hard to make a great first impression. Here at Corporate Cupid our focus is on making the time to relax and enjoy socialising with like minded people. The event is put together by our dedicated team who choose the venue with the utmost of care and all events are expertly co-ordinated and fully hosted to ensure the highest quality experience for all. The aim is to help people build better social networks by organising events that will appeal to a wide range of people face-to-face.

No more disappointing online dating for you!


Meeting some one in person is a much more efficient way to meet than online dating.  At singles clubs you can expect an energetic environment full of music and beverages similar people. What better way to make decisions than behind your computer screen.

Online dating apps don’t give you body language

Being forthcoming on the singles scene is often a doubt that people looking for love have, our social club is an ideal setting to meet new people as everyone is there with the same intention as you. With this in mind people don’t mind asking questions and getting to know another as they realise this is apart of the process. In the case of online matchmaking and online dating apps you do not get a sense of someone entirely because they are behind a screen, this is a great way to see emotions and body language.

When two people meet face-to-face for the first time it is a great way to feel for a ‘spark’. When meeting at the social club you will have the chance to see how your conversation flows, allow you to build trust and empathize. The lack of face-to-face places limits on the amount of connection that can be shared.

Real relationships are hard to build through
online dating apps

In-person discussions or meeting face to face can help improve efficiency as you are relying on all senses when engaging. Instead of spending your entire day sending and receiving messages. So think about the current state of your relationship. Could you benefit from making the extra effort to have a face-to-face meeting to potentially find the man or woman of your dreams?

Join our Social Club and have the chance to meet the person of your dreams!

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