5 Signs You May Have Met The One


What are the signs of true love?

Love is patient.

Just like the process of finding love, love itself should never leave you feeling rushed. Moving too fast is a sign that this is not the right relationship. Love is truly patient and will wait until the time is right. Talk, get to know each other, spend time feeling comfortable. Go at your own pace. Take time to notice the little things that you do for one another. Does he open the door? Does she ask about your day? The little things mean a lot.

Love is kind.

Kindness is measurable. Does your date treat those around him or her with respect, do you feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude – a readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness. Anyone can purchase gifts and chocolates but they are soon gone. Kindness and respect mean a lot more.

Love bears all things.

True love means that when your partner or your date has to cancel or tells you something you may not want to hear, there is understanding rather than anger. Sometimes life gets in the way. Love understands this and knows that there will be another opportunity to plan something amazing or that we do not have control over all aspects of life. The loving partner will offer support if you need it and help you through difficult times.

Love hopes all things.

Love never wishes you ill. Your true love will always live to see you succeed. Your successes will make them truly happy just as theirs would. It is important to understand that at times in a relationship one walks while the other runs. If you are the one walking right now, hope for the best for your partner and in time it will be your turn.

Love endures all things.

Life throws many punches along the way. Loved ones pass, new loved ones arrive; houses are bought and sold. With each event there is stress and heartache or joy. Life is not easy. A true love will stand by your side through the good times and the bad. Love commits to be there with you regardless of circumstances, regardless of outcomes. Love is with you every step of the way.

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