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Matchmaking Sydney

Following resounding success in Perth, Corporate Cupid has now opened its doors in Sydney. Our success for successful single men and women is based on a matchmaking service that brings quality people together based on compatibility and mutual long-term relationship goals. Most other Sydney dating services are simply far too broad to provide single men and women with a realistic chance of meeting their soulmate, this is where Corporate Cupid comes in.

Corporate Cupid's Secret Formula for Dating Success

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Matchmaking For Singles in Sydney

In contrast to online dating services that rely on algorithms and mass numbers, we work with a select number of high valued clients each year and meet with every Corporate Cupid member to gather in-depth information to produce ideal matches. Using this information, we are then able to provide the most compatible match. Our exclusive approach and methodology give our clients the best possible chance of finding the perfect match for a long-term relationship.

Simply put, using our Sydney matchmaking services significantly improves the chances of finding that special someone who shares the same values, goals and long-term relationship expectations.  

‘Being matched with such lovely ladies was such a great experience. Everyone I met was interesting, polite and was on a journey to find a long-term partner, which was such a pleasant change from the dating apps. Thanks Renee, 6 months later and I am very happy with someone very special.’

Tired of Online Dating?


Corporate Cupid was founded by renown Matchmaker and Relationship Coach, Renee Brown providing a matchmaking service designed exclusively for modern men and women. Many singles have grown tired or frustrated with online dating and other traditional dating methods. While it’s easy to meet people, finding the right person that meets your own standards and expectations for a long-term relationship can be challenging. Meeting the right partner requires a level of personal attention and care that other matchmaking services simply do not provide. Renee’s background in psychology and human behaviour enables her to devise effective methodologies that significantly improve your chances of attaining the perfect match.



The Corporate Cupid client approach us for matchmaking in Sydney when they are serious about investing in a long term romantic relationship. Our clients are tired of online dating and unfulfilling short-term relationships and are prepared to put in the time and effort to build a long lasting, successful relationship.

Their commitment to finding the right person together with the exclusive services by Corporate Cupid has resulted in success stories for many Corporate Cupid couples. When our members establish long-term relationships and find love, it gives us great satisfaction knowing that we have played a big part in their journey and have helped to achieve their relationship goals.

If you are looking for a genuine relationship and conventional dating methods have let you down, register your interest with  Corporate Cupid.


Our hands on approach has led to our proven track record built over many years. Our rate of success in matchmaking for singles across Perth is unparalleled. Take a moment to read some of our latest success stories.


If you think that online dating isn’t for
you anymore, or are frustrated with wasting time meeting up with people you don’t click with, then our professional matchmaking service is for you. It’s time to make dating fun again!​


We are not an online dating service, we do not use algorithms to match you. We meet every Corporate Cupid member in person and have meaningful, honest conversations about what they are genuinely looking for in a partner.


We understand no two people are the same, nor are their dating and relationship expectations.  At Corporate Cupid we design and tailor a package exclusive to you.



Find clarity on how to completely succeed with dating (including online) and learn valuable life skills and discover what it takes to attract your perfect partner and retain a long term lasting relationship.



Premium Membership is perfect if you’re date ready and looking for an exclusive matchmaking service to represent you.

You’ll have access to your very own Matchmaker and tailored one to one support and private introductions.



Platinum Membership is ideal if you’re ready to try a superior approach to dating.  Platinum combines all three signature memberships into one life changing package to provide the ultimate dating and relationship journey.

Your success is guaranteed with Platinum.