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Are You Serious About Finding Love?

Renee is fast becoming Perth’s most sought after Matchmaker and Relationship Coach for modern, intelligent, ambitious men and women.

Her superpower lies in her understanding of people and human relationships. Using her broad knowledge and rich experience, she empowers and encourages you to challenge the conventional dating advice that may be holding you back.

Renee helps you to discover your inner strength and believe in yourself, so you can go after the lasting love you deserve.

The Corporate Cupid Client

The type of client who joins our private network are truly exceptional.  A person who is warm and genuine, in both presence and outlook on life.  A individual who’s healthy in mind, body and spirit, and who’s ready for a committed, long-term relationship with an amazing partner.

If you’re an exceptional  man or woman living in Perth or Sydney, we invite you to subscribe today.

Avoid the apps and disappointment, let us save you the wasted time and energy and find you a genuine, intelligent match looking for a long term relationship.


monthly database membership

$49.95 PER MONTH


Basic Database Membership

Your profile added to Corporate Cupid’s confidential and exclusive Matchmaking community. Member profiles are private and can only be viewed by Renee and the Corporate Cupid team

You’ll be considered for potential matching opportunities at Corporate Cupid’s discretion

Basic Database Membership is a monthly subscription based membership that provides an affordable starting point for men and women looking to meet a compatible likeminded match.




relationship coaching

$150.00 PER HOUR

by appointment

Personal Coaching Development

You will work exclusively with Renee Brown 

You’ll benefit from Renee’s background in psychology and human behaviour along with years of experience and success.

Renee also holds a certification in Strategic Intervention Life and Relationship coaching adding another layer of value to your personal development.

Whether you need to grow, mend or heal from a past relationship experience, my relationship coaching always starts with you.

You will have access to tailored, one-to-one personal development coaching to help you achieve dating and relationship success.

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