Renee Brown vs Online Dating with 6PR Radio

I was invited by 6PR radio recently to discuss the world of online dating, one of my favourite topics. I had a lot to say!

The conversation lead with the astounding stats surrounding the number of Australian’s using online dating tools. These numbers will probably shock you, but not as much as some of the stories that come from the experiences they initiate. I’m sure you’ve heard a few.

This biggest takeaway from the interview and the callers that were brave enough to share their stories, was the importance of authenticity. So often people aren’t honest with their profile descriptions or fully transparent with their intentions.

This is where my point of difference really takes place. By utilising the services of a matchmaker, such as myself, you are ensured peace of mind. Aside from having a real life person to screen your potential matches, you’re guaranteed only someone with true intent of finding lasting love, would engage the services of a match maker.

Regardless of which avenue you choose, there are 3 basic dating rules that apply across the board:

 1. Your personal information should be current – That means no profile pics from 10 years ago.

 2. Are you really ready to date? – How long have you been single? Have you truly healed from your last relationship.

 3. Are you accurately portraying who you are? – It’s important to just be you, not who you think will get you more dates.

Whilst there is no doubt a place in the world for online dating, it’s not for everyone. For instance, at times the profiles you see can be misleading, I mean really, is that photo current?

At Corporate Cupid we provide a service that supports time poor professionals that appreciate discretion. Having your dating pics plastered all over the internet is not ideal for everyone.  We get that and confidentiality is key.

Weigh up your best options, the quest for true love isn’t a game. If you’re frustrated with online dating and wondering if a match maker is for you, drop me a line.

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