Do You Believe In Love At First Site

Do you believe in love at first sight? Renee Brown responds to interviewer Chris Ilsley.

Drawing parallels to the TV show Married at First Sight, 6pr radio host Chris’s guest was Renee Brown,  Matchmaker. Discussing the love versus lust dilemma, Renee Brown makes it clear that lust is in fact one component of what drives us to believe in love at first sight. Can couples that claim love at first sight make it work? Does love occur instantaneously or do couples fall slowly, comfortably in love and live happily ever after?

Rene Brown’s belief that primal urges drive us to choose people we want to date based on the fitness as a mate or their ability to breed and perpetuate the race.

So these feelings of lust that come upon us and drive us to chase the one we want are caused by chemical reactions within the brain. Brown says we need to call upon the brain at this stage to analyze the situation and make sure the person is right for us. So pay attention to the signals that the brain is sending you. Don’t ignore them. Basing your choices on looks only is a mistake.

Is the love at first sight crowd older?

Caller after caller professed their undying love for mates that they met and married after their first date. Some even proposed on the first date! Most had been married half a century or more. So what did Renee Brown attribute this to? She says well these are older people and they have values. Meaning they know how to stick it out when times are tough. Dating at the time these people were seeking a mate was not the marathon sport that it is now.

Have dating practices evolved?

Current dating practices have evolved into a much faster paced almost sport like event. We have speed dating, tinder and many other ways that didn’t even exist back then. Renee Brown says even in the current dating environment we need to use our brains to listen to what is going on and still use our values to help us make the proper choice. Again, we are just doing this at a higher speed now than ever before.

What about making a return appearance?

In the event that people are returning to the dating world for the first time in 20+ years, the differences now are so great that they are often shocked and don’t know where to begin. Chris lsley felt this was an excuse to stay married and Renee Brown chimed in that yes, they should work on their marriage.

Finally, how do we avoid the wrong person?

In one last question Chris asks Renee Brown how to avoid hook-ups with the wrong people? Again she let us know in no uncertain terms, use your brain! Take note of the red flags and pay attention. Don’t let lust drive your decision. Make sure to engage the brain and pay attention! Renee Brown is a current day matchmaker and appeared on the Chris Ilsley radio show to discuss the topic of Love at First Sight. Let Corporate Cupid help you avoid the wrong person and make the right match. We offer guidance, social events and fun.

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