5 Affordable Valentine’s Day Presents (that won’t cost you a thing)

Don’t feel bad that you haven’t ordered a dozen red roses a week before the big day. We are here to tell you about 5 affordable presents that won’t really cost you a thing!

If you are single and have a crush, it is the perfect excuse to inform them, or let the one you love know how much you love them. However you look at it, Valentine’s Day is a great reason to celebrate love.. or the start of it.

Whether you’re erratic for the day or a cynic, we’re sure you’ve got some love to give. You can decide to keep it local and enjoy a simple picnic, or maybe a fancy degustation dinner, regardless it is a great time receive a thoughtful gesture and inject some extra romance into your relationship.

Here are our top 5 affordable ways to say, “I like you” this Valentine’s day without breaking the bank!

1. Card: We all love receiving something thoughtful, and with a card you have to put your feeling to paper so it can be a great way to send a heart-warming romantic message, or go one level up with a poem! (Heart melts)
This avoids having to splash out the big bucks but its personalized.


2. Food & Wine: Yes, Food! Food is the way to anyones heart. You can plan something cute with a styled picnic filled with a delicious platter and wine. Valentine’s restaurant rush, other couples, waiters and noisy distractions? Ordering a takeaway and creating an alternative setting is key (Add in extra romantic flare with a few scented candles)

3. Breakfast in bed: Food again, yes! This little jester might just be the perfect present! Start their day off with pancakes in bed, it’s incredibly romantic to have someone prepare this for you! A scrumptious breakfast in bed costs nothing and will melt the heart of your loved one. Want to jazz it up a little? Try adding a cute little rose to the breakfast tray.

4. Scavenger hunt: This is something you see in movies, all you need is a sticky pad and pen. Leave notes all around the house for your loved one to see reminding them of all of the wonderful things that you love about them.

5. It’s massage time: Start by stocking up on basic spa essentials, maybe some moisturizer or oils. Break out your old robes and take turns pampering each other with the kind of personal attention spas just can’t offer. Your spouse will appreciate the thought and the attention.

We hope you have a wonderful Valentines Day, whatever you do!


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