Meet Renee Brown
Professional Matchmaker - Entrepreneur - Certified Coach

Since launching Corporate Cupid in 2017, professional matchmaker, Renee Brown, has created an essential service previously missing in Perth – an exclusive matchmaking agency for men and women.

Through my experience working in the matchmaking industry, I recognised a real need for a quality dating service tailored towards professional men.

Many of them have enjoyed success in their careers. But when they’re ready to build a long-term relationship, they struggle to find a compatible woman.’

Renee’s background in psychology and human behaviour plus her innate talent for understanding people gave her the courage to open her professional matchmaking agency.

Her service is for Perth’s professional men. But its success means Corporate Cupid is the name on everyone’s lips whenever eligible, elite single ladies get together.

Renee Brown – Certified Coach

Renee’s background in psychology and human behaviour makes coaching a natural fit. Her certification in Strategic Intervention Life and Relationship coaching adds another layer of value to Corporate Cupid’s Matchmaker Memberships.

Renee recognises the importance of helping you move through what hasn’t worked in the past. She also understands that personal development is a vital step towards having successful relationships in the future.

Ultimately, Renee is driven by a genuine desire to restore your faith in lasting love and the happiness that goes with it.

‘Today’s unpredictable dating scene can be brutal and demoralising if you negotiate it alone. At Corporate Cupid, my team and I reawaken the possibility that, with professional support, you can find the special woman who’ll complete your life.’

‘Renee's expertise in life coaching is on par perfect. With an open mind I've changed from an over-thinker to embracing each moment in life. Thank you for everything you've done. I'll always be in your debt.’
Steve S.

Chief matchmaker at Corporate Cupid

Renee’s approach to matchmaking is guided by accepted psychological principles, her expertise as a certified relationship coach and her rich experience as a professional matchmaker.

She’s serious about finding your perfect match, but the twinkle in her eye reveals her profound belief that dating should be fun. With kindness, patience and compassion, she and her team are on a mission to show you how rewarding dating can be.

Although Corporate Cupid is Perth-based, Renee is recognised nationally as a professional matchmaker and relationships expert. She’s regularly asked to contribute advice or insights into relationships and dating by some of Australia’s best-known media outlets.

‘One Google search has changed my life forever. Renee has such talent to listen and understand who you are, what comes with it is passion. In one meeting my entire world has changed.’

Why Corporate Cupid?

Let’s be honest, we’re not for everyone. We’re the intelligent choice when it comes to professional dating, and we’re focused on finding lasting relationships for our members.

Corporate Cupid is very deliberately not an online dating agency or a quick-fix dating app.

Our members expect to meet women of the highest calibre and character who have pride in their appearance and a healthy attitude towards lasting love. We offer an exclusive service, so it’s my job to make sure we select our members with care.’ Renee Brown

The professional men who invest in Corporate Cupid’s services are comfortable getting strategic about career goals. We help you get strategic about life goals.

Research shows it’s easier to find your ideal partner if you understand your own needs and aspirations. That’s why our Matchmaker Memberships give you access to matchmaking support. Plus, our Platinum membership includes unlimited personal development or relationship coaching.

I have had an excellent experience with Corporate Cupid so far. Renee has been very professional, personable and really good to deal with. She and her team have great attention to detail and keep one's dating history, stage in life, values and goals in mind when matching. I have been very happy with their service so far and can only recommend them highly!

Our philosophy – no smoke and mirrors – and we never kiss and tell

Renee’s vision for Corporate Cupid is to provide a discreet, sophisticated matchmaking service for professional men and women who are ready for a committed relationship. Our ultimate goal is to match you with a likeminded partner with the qualities you admire, so you can build a life together.

Our philosophy is that finding lasting love should be a life-changing experience. Along the way, we want you to relax, have fun and rediscover the excitement of dating. We promise to be:


Honest communicators who are candid about setting realistic expectations because we know your time is precious, and we don’t want to waste it.


Clear about the steps you need to take so you can achieve the best possible outcomes from the time and money you choose to invest.


Committed to confidentiality so you can feel confident we protect your privacy and treat your details with the utmost discretion.

If you’re ready to experience the Corporate Cupid approach to matchmaking and dating, we’d love to help.

Take your first step today and contact Renee Brown for a confidential, obligation-free chat.

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