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25 First Date Ideas

Share an experience

1. Watch a foreign movie – catch something a little different from the usual at Luna Leederville. You’ve immediately got a shared point of conversation and there are plenty of places nearby to grab a beverage before or after the movie.

2. Comedy night– head upstairs to Lazy Susan’s Comedy den at the Brisbane Hotel. ‘The Big Hoo-Haa!’ runs every Saturday night and sees two teams battle it out in a game of improv. Or head to the Comedy Lounge in the CBD or Fremantle at Little Creatures Next Door.

3. Quiz night– team up and test your competitive streaks against one another with a quiz night at The Old Laundry on a Monday night, The Hyde Park Hotel on a Tuesday, or The Inglewood Hotel on a Wednesday. Check your local pub, they’re bound to have a night too.

4. See something on stage– check out the latest musical showing at Crown or a live event at Perth Arena. Or see what’s playing at the Heath Ledger Theatre, Regal Theatre or at the Town Hall, especially in the winter months as tastings (cheese and wines and whiskeys etc.) start popping up all over the place. The Ellington Jazz Club is always a winner too.

5. Strawberry picking– Springtime brings delicious strawberries with it and the strawberry farm in Bullsbrook has got you covered for a sweet first date.

Take a tour

6. Eat the Street– it’s surprising how much you can learn by playing tourist in your home town. Sample the best eats and drinks across Perth on Eat the Street’s Saturday evening Barrack to Beaufort tour, or visit the Bars on Beaufort on a Thursday night.

7. Explore the CBD– the beautiful thing about Perth City is that you can still find bars down hidden alleyways that make you feel like you’ve found Perth’s best-kept secret. There’s also a view and a half at Elizabeth Quay where a spot of gelato never goes astray.

8. Swan Valley– either hop on a bus and be chauffeured around or pick any place you want (because they’re all good in the valley) and bask in the sunshine and live music. On the last Sunday of the month, you’ll find markets showcasing locally-made produce at Ugly Duckling Wines.

9. Fremantle– DIY a tour of your own and head to Little Creatures for a brew, Cicerello’s for fish and chips, Bread in Common for small bites, and top it all off with a ride on the Ferris wheel along the Esplanade.

10. AQWA or Perth Zoo– hear us out, these aren’t just for kids. AQWA regularly host adult-only events and options to dine within the underwater tunnel which, let’s face it, is just pure magic. There’s also a tranquil spot to sit and watch the goings on beneath the sea at the downstairs viewing area. And when was the last time you went to the zoo? Chances are it’s been just as long for your date too.

Get outdoors

11. Pack a picnic– keep it traditional and grab a rug and a basket and head to Kings Park for the sweeping city views, or spend an afternoon in Hyde Park. Not only is it beautiful and tranquil sitting by the lake, but Chu Bakery is right across the road and they have some of Perth’s best doughnuts. You’re welcome.

12. Take a hike – Lesmurdie Falls would be the go-to answer here, but have you heard of Ellis Brook Valley Reserve? It’s a short hike, steep but quick, about an hour roundtrip.  It all depends on how long you stop to admire the city views at the top (it’s also a nice place to pack a picnic for) and the quarry is breathtaking on the way back down.

13. Hire a kayak or catamaran– when the weather heats up, head to Coode St Jetty in South Perth and hire out kayaks or sail along the Swan River in a catamaran. No experience is necessary, staff are available to assist beginners. You’ll love it when you’re cruising together.

14. Fish and chips by the beach– does it get any better than dipping your toes in the sand after a long day and watching the sunset whilst enjoying some fish and chips? We don’t think so. We’re so very lucky to live in a city with ample, beautiful beaches to head to. Take your pick, our favourites are Scarborough, Fremantle and Hillarys.

15. Play a round of mini golf– a little healthy competition never goes astray. Try your hand at mini golf one evening at the Wanneroo Botanic Gardens. There’s also Holey Moley in the CBD but it’s smaller and louder so make plans for after (there are plenty of bars nearby).

Everybody loves brunch

16. Beaufort Street– more of a morning person? Beaufort Street has cute cafés the whole way down, including Mary St Bakery (for all your baked goods), Cantina 663 (for excellent coffee) and Blacksmith (heart-warming full plates).

17. Maylands– share a pot of bottomless tea at Chapels which boasts an impressive array of flavours to choose from. There’s also Mr S just down the road on the corner. You know it’s going to be good when the locals pack it out.

18. East Perth– nab a table outside for waterfront views and get in on the all-day-breakfast goodness at Toast. Pro tip: they do crepes (savoury and sweet) and they are very delicious.

19. Como– watch the world pass by on Canning Highway while you sit back and sip your morning coffee together at Frisch and Barc.

20. Fremantle– Ootong and Lincoln is a quirky little number, Moore and Moore Café is adorned with beautiful artwork, and Bib & Tucker has those ocean views covered, plus a fresh menu filled with WA local produce.

Small bites and a drink or two

21. Crown Towers, TWR– The Waiting Room was recently crowned the best bar in Australia in the 2018 Gourmet Traveller Australian Hotel Awards. Fun fact to tempt your date.

22. Beaufort Street, Clarences – this place really sets the mood with each booth lit by candlelight and an intimate bar down the stairs. You’ll be feeling a red wine in no time.

23. Leederville, Duende – Spanish tapas is designed for sharing and Duende delivers the (delicious) goods. It’s an intimate way to get to know your date’s tastes and not fear any order envy.

24. Applecross, Bad Apples Bar– tapas and cocktails are the specialty here, which sounds like the perfect Sunday sesh to us.

25. Northbridge, James Parker– do yourself a favour and step foot inside this venue to first appreciate the architecture and then indulge in the finest Japanese delicacies.


Renee Brown vs Online Dating with 6PR Radio

I was invited by 6PR radio recently to discuss the world of online dating, one of my favourite topics. I had a lot to say!

The conversation lead with the astounding stats surrounding the number of Australian’s using online dating tools. These numbers will probably shock you, but not as much as some of the stories that come from the experiences they initiate. I’m sure you’ve heard a few.

This biggest takeaway from the interview and the callers that were brave enough to share their stories, was the importance of authenticity. So often people aren’t honest with their profile descriptions or fully transparent with their intentions.

This is where my point of difference really takes place. By utilising the services of a matchmaker, such as myself, you are ensured peace of mind. Aside from having a real life person to screen your potential matches, you’re guaranteed only someone with true intent of finding lasting love, would engage the services of a match maker.

Regardless of which avenue you choose, there are 3 basic dating rules that apply across the board:

 1. Your personal information should be current – That means no profile pics from 10 years ago.

 2. Are you really ready to date? – How long have you been single? Have you truly healed from your last relationship.

 3. Are you accurately portraying who you are? – It’s important to just be you, not who you think will get you more dates.

Whilst there is no doubt a place in the world for online dating, it’s not for everyone. For instance, at times the profiles you see can be misleading, I mean really, is that photo current?

At Corporate Cupid we provide a service that supports time poor professionals that appreciate discretion. Having your dating pics plastered all over the internet is not ideal for everyone.  We get that and confidentiality is key.

Weigh up your best options, the quest for true love isn’t a game. If you’re frustrated with online dating and wondering if a match maker is for you, drop me a line.



Renee Brown: Wedding Boom with Channel 7 News

Recently, I had the pleasure of contributing to a Channel 7 interview on the increasing number of weddings occurring across the country.

The segment started with the heart-warming story of two people finding love and marrying at the ages of 85 and 80!

It’s never too late to follow your heart and walk down the aisle.

The Channel 7 story embodied the trend emerging in Australia of couples waiting until they are older before committing to marriage. The average age for marriage is now 30 for females and 32 for men.

These age statistics are emblematic of the type of people we work with here at Corporate Cupid. We have found our clients tend to be over the age of 30 and therefore generally have the following attributes:

1. Financial Security: Once you have reached the age of 30, you are likely to have finished your studies and settled into your chosen profession. With this comes a certain level of financial security and a wish to be partnered up with people in similar financial circumstances.

2. Relationship Awareness: Understanding what you do and do not want from a relationship. This is often formed through past relationship experience and a genuine knowledge of your own qualities.

3. Belief System: Knowing your values, beliefs, and how they feed into your interests and desires, is something that accumulates over a lifetime. We have found that our clients (and people over the age of 30 generally) are more likely to have an understanding of who they are on a deeper level, which allows for a better opportunity to find that perfect match.

At Corporate Cupid, we understand that finding a person who is at the same stage of life as you can be a frustrating process. We want to take the hassle out of finding your special person, while ensuring that you are matched with someone who is best suited to your true needs.

If you are wanting to know more about what we offer and how our match making works, drop me a line.

Wedding boom in Perth

WEDDING BOOMPerth is in the grip of a new marriage boom, changing the institution as we know it forever.Divorce is out and wedded bliss is in, but this time it's very

Posted by 7 News Perth on Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Real talk! Let’s take a minute to discuss redefining your identity

It seems inevitable to go through some level of an identity crisis after having a baby, let’s face it: Motherhood causes a major shift in our priorities. The truth is, dating will become more difficult too. The nonchalance with which you used to meet people probably isn’t the best tactic now you’re a mum. Plus, your instincts might also be screaming “find a partner” and first dates are now conducted in a similar fashion to how you would conduct an interview. But also, where are you going to meet people…

In my professional career as a dating coach these are very common issues my clients face when getting back into the dating scene and wanting to shake the ‘mumsy’ look. Redefining your identity is a large part of my role as Matchmaker and I work one on one to help women achieve that. Getting your sex appeal back and not feeling like you showed up to meet your match after the ‘school drop off’ is my ultimate goal when you hit the Perth dating scene. If by chance you do balls it up, get half cut on your first date and end up a blubbering mess, I will be there to help you get back on the dating wagon….It happens.

When you become a mum life changes forever. Okay, I state the obvious. Inevitably elements of your identity will have slipped and you have very little time for yourself. And yes, over time may have lost sight of the person you were before becoming a mum.

“I eat out less”
“I travel less”
“I had a social life”
“I slept when I wanted and stayed up if I didn’t.”

Seems you were in control of your life and though you are still in control things are certainly different. I know what you’re thinking and no, this is not a bad thing… But does it always have to go “Mum” first?

For a long while it has and while there is nothing wrong with that, when it comes to professional matchmaking and choosing to date again, it’s time to take the steps into redefining and rediscover that other person inside you.

Diving onto online dating, meet up groups or speed dating can be very overwhelming, not to mention the dating scene in general can leave you feeling dismissed, demoralised and rejected at the best of times. Let alone at a time in your life when you are already vulnerable.

Reasons mums lose their identity:

Their lives revolve around their kids. SHOCK. But you have to admit there is a difference between your daily routine revolving around the kids and the entire meaning of your life revolving around them. You can still be a mum 24/7 but be active in other things.

They stop caring about how they look. Clearly you don’t have the time or the need to colour co-ordinate your gym outfit and contour your cheek bones and to be honest, who does. But the small things you used to do to feel attractive will really make a difference.

They have got to slow down. Mothers will generally suffer from loneliness, isolation and boredom when their babies are small and at home. This life change may make you feel like a different person, impacting your personality and temperament. Though this might not seem like an issue for you it could still affect how you see yourself.

So, how much time should you spend on your hair and makeup verses time spent with your little one? Because you probably forgot how find me time whilst being super mum here are some suggestions on how to treat yourself!

  • Phone a friend. And not just any friend, a real friend. The type of friend you can have a serious catch up with. Talk about all the ‘me’ defining memories that will make you laugh from the bottom of your belly.
  • Get some exercise. And not because you need to be an Instagram model to get a date or society says you gotta lose the baby fat to get a boyfriend … Because you really, truly deserve it. Do it because exercise releases happy hormones and endorphins and everyone deserves that. Besides, this happiness prescription only includes 20 minutes 3 times a week and well, we can all get on board with that kinda commitment.
  • Feel connected. We all like to feel like part of the bigger picture and why not dabble with nature and plant something – get out of your own little world and into the real one. It’s called Nature.
  • Find the music. Think of the music you loved pre-baby. How it made you move and sing and feel. Slowly, with enough of your pre-loved tracks you might just feel like the old you. If only for a moment.
  • Be open and honest about your insecurities. Letting insecurities fester can become crippling and cause conflict in many ways. Maybe you’re not the career girl you dreamed of or still rocking a mum bod you used to dread. Basic instinct of a mum is to put herself last, but lack of me time is more detrimental than lack of sleep.
  • Take a moment. Take an hour to switch off mum mood. Try to resist the urge to talk about the children and remember the things that redefine you! Ambitions, dreams, goals, musical interested (that doesn’t involve Disney), the things that make your heart sing and used to set your soul on fire. Put the baby in the crib and do that one thing you always loved to do, for you. Paint your nails, do your makeup, put on your favourite outfit. If for no one else do it just for you (and the baby) you’ll feel better.

Entering the dating scene is more than ticking a box. Professional matchmaking and coaching is also about helping you redefine yourself again. So while you take care of you, we’ll take care of everything else. You may never find the life you had pre-mum life and that’s okay. But you might start to feel like yourself once again.

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