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How Your Love History Shapes You

Have you suffered through a breakup only to hear somebody say that every relationship exists for a reason?

Have you often wondered to yourself why you have been in certain relationships, unable to find anything valuable or positive?

Many of us have been through some terrible relationships and wondered what this does to us in the long term.

If you have ever wondered how your history in love can shape you, then there are some valid ways. What you have experienced over time helps to make you the person that you are.

Not only are you sure to learn valuable lessons, but you are also likely to adapt to certain traits or beliefs.

Here are some classic ways that our live history can shape us and our lives.

It Can Make You Feel Positive or Negative About Love Though a relationship may have ended badly, you may have really enjoyed it along the way. Alternatively if you had a terrible relationship you may have been glad to see it come to an end.

What we have experienced in love helps to shape us into the people that we are. The way that we feel about love, commitment, or relationships in general is often closely linked to our history in this area.

If you feel positive then you may have experienced love firsthand but known that it wasn’t with the right person.

If you feel negative then you could have been in a terrible relationship or experienced love at its worst.

What happens over time in the relationships that we have can create positive or negative sentiments overall.

It Can Prevent You From Truly Trusting If you were cheated on or there were lies in a relationship, this can affect you deep down to your core.

Feeling betrayed in any way can really leave a scar on your heart and soul.

Though you may have moved on, you may also have a hard time trusting others. You have been lied to, cheated on, or just suffered some startling revelations and this can cause you to feel that people are inherently bad.

This is a difficult one to cope with but you can overcome it with the right relationship.

Just because one person was deceitful doesn’t mean that they all will be. You do however need to give yourself time to rebuild trust in your life!

It Can Ensure That You Place Value On What Is Truly Important To You.You truly do learn something from each and every relationship, even if you don’t realize it at the time. You start to see patterns and learn what you DON’T want in a relationship. You also start to see what you deserve and what you DO so desperately want for yourself out of love. As we are shaped by good and bad relationships, our sentiments develop. At the same time we start to learn more about ourselves. We see what we want out of a long term partner, sometimes because we found just the opposite in somebody that we dated.

We see that we deserve happiness and start to understand what that means to us. We also start to understand what we bring to a relationship and what sort value that holds. Though you may not realize it, our love history starts to shape what we want for our future. It may take us time to get to what we really want, but we know that it’s worth waiting and fighting for.

So though you may think that past relationships were a waste of time, they truly do help us to uncover certain truths about ourselves. We will quickly develop the beliefs that move us forward and hopefully allow us to get to what we know we deserve!

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What is your love source?

Love is an essential human need. We crave it, we thrive on it, and happiness is a biproduct. We can feel and receive love from many areas, including:

  • Our partner;
  • Our family;
  • Our friends;
  • Our pets;
  • Our career and achievements;
  • Our possessions; and
  • Our travels and other experiences.

However, love from all of the above will never be enough. In order to love completely, we must first appreciate love from within. Self-love is our main source of positive energy. Without it, we will constantly require reassurance.

The ability to love and be loved begins from within and so many people having lost this innate source. In today’s high achieving society, where success and beauty are regarded as the key to happiness, it’s cause many of us to lose our true selves. We’re bombarded with attractive celebrity role-models, career pressures and even competition from our peers. We constantly seek the approval from others and forget that the external world is out of our control.

So take a look at where you seek love. Do need a relationship to be happy? Do you need a promotion to feel worthwhile? When you wake up each morning, how happy are you? Perhaps it’s time to focus on building your self-worth and self esteem. Loving yourself will create a brighter, peaceful future.

“Remember, happiness doesn’t depend on who you are or what you have; it depends solely on what you think’ – Dale Carnegie

By Samantha Jayne – Relationship Expert